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Pre and Post Surgery Therapy

If you are having surgery, chances are that it’s because you’d like to get back to some activity that is meaningful to you.  That’s why we don’t use generic rehab protocols.  We want to learn exactly what types of activities are important to you, and then develop an individualized plan to help you achieve your personal goals.

Chronic Pain Management

Individuals dealing with prolonged pain often feel like they have tried everything, and nothing worked, so now they just have to live with their pain. Our therapists have extensive additional training in the most up-to-date pain science research, and truly bring a unique approach to the management of chronic pain.

Low Back and Neck Pain

All low back pain isn’t the same, and all neck pain isn’t the same. Unfortunately, X-rays and MRI’s haven’t proven to be reliable guides for treatment.  We utilize  treatment-based classification systems, developed by years of published research to determine which findings from a physical therapy examination correlate with favorable response from specific treatment categories.  Our results from this method set us apart from the standard treatments that are typically offered.

Hip Pain
Ankle & foot pain/sprains
Shoulder Pain/Rotator cuff disorders
Sports Injury Rehabilitation

Athletes place unique demands on their bodies, and their rehabilitation process should reflect that.  When designing your plan of care, we will not only consider the type of injury that took you out of action, but also the intensity, type, and duration of sport that you need to return to.

Occupational Injury Rehabilitation

Physical therapy isn’t just for high level athletes. The repetitive motions, awkward positions, and prolonged postures that are required for your occupation may place you at an increased risk for symptom development. We can analyze the physical demands of your occupation, compare them with the physical findings from our exam, and see where we can help you improve to feel better with your work-related tasks.

Knee Pain
Balance deficits & fall prevention
Vertigo & vestibular
General strength & conditioning

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